<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Little River —  on the NC & SC line
The town of Little River is generally regarded as the northern limit of “The Grand Strand”.
The town’s protected location on the mainland gave it status as a fishing village when Myrtle Beach was nothing but sand and bushes. George Washington stayed the night here in 1792, but rode right past what is now Myrtle Beach. Little River hosts 

a smaller portion of overnight Grand Strand visitors nowadays, but it still manages to attract attention with its good restaurants, sport fishing, fresh seafood, and golf.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>North Myrtle Beach SC
North Myrtle Beach has great beaches, great lodging and many excellent restaurants.   The ocean front in North Myrtle Beach is lined with cottages and condos rather than high-rise hotels.  Alabama Theater is located at Barefoot Landing in North 

Myrtle Beach.  Although about 15 miles separate North Myrtle Beach from Myrtle Beach, you would never know from the street names.    Restaurants, miniature golf beachwear and fireworks shops are on 17 businesses, which is the main highway 

from North Myrtle Beach to Myrtle Beach.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Atlantic Beach SC
Atlantic Beach is a small strip of beach that separates North MB and MB.  Atlantic Beach is the host for the Memorial Day  Bike Rally (Atlantic Beach Bikefest) (Black Bike Week) every year.  Yes that’s right there is two (2) Bike Weeks on the Grand 

Strand in May and each are totally different.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Myrtle Beach SC
 Many of you may believe the city of mb is the Grand Strand, It is NOT.
The city of mb is only a small part of what makes up the 60 mile stretch of sand known as “The Grand Strand”.   If you are on Hwy 501, when you cross the waterway you are in the city of mb.   If you are on Hwy 501 and take Hwy 31 North to North 

Myrtle Beach or South to Hwy 544 and Surfside you will totally miss the city of mb. The city of mb offers, dining, shopping entertainment, and numerous lodging locations ocean front and non-oceanfront.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Surfside Beach SC
Surfside is the first city south on Myrtle Beach.   Along the beach are beach houses, condos, and hotels, and on 17 business is many of the businesses located in Surfside.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Garden City SC
The Northern portion of the community is host to plenty of vacation houses, but the beachfront is dominated by large high-rise condos. Garden City is a great place to stay and a lot of private homes are weekly and monthly rental properties. Garden 

city offers easy access to the beach and the many seafood restaurants in Murrells Inlet. The views across the inlet marshes are absolutely gorgeous.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Murrells Inlet SC
“The Seafood Capital of SC”  Murrells Inlet is a fishing village that has became world famous for its great seafood restaurants and great views of its salt marshes.   There are several Bike Week attractions in the Murrells Inlet 


<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Litchfield Beach SC
Litchfield Beach is an upscale community that sprang from the mind of a real estate developer. The one-time collection of plantations is now a resort, designed to appeal to vacationers and retirees through a blend of history, golf and beaches. The 

resort offers a variety of vacation options, from high-rise condo to family beach house, plus all the amenities you would expect.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Pawleys Island SC
Pawleys Island claims to be the oldest resort area in America. This area was home to some of the most affluent planters on the continent. They didn’t grow tobacco, or even cotton. Rice and indigo (used for a blue dye) were the crops of choice. To 

escape the heat and malaria of their mainland plantations, many moved their families to cottages on Pawleys Island for the summer.
Remarkably, some of the cottages are still standing and still in use. Nine of them comprise the Pawleys Island “Historic District”. The rest of the narrow island barely keeps some 600 houses out of the water.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

<P><CENTER><FONT color=black size=+2><B>Georgetown SC
The beautiful oak canopied streets of Georgetown are among the most peaceful places in the Grand Strand area. A majority of these old oaks have what is called “Tree Moss” growing and hanging from them. Georgetown was formed in 1729. For over 

a hundred years after its founding the port was busy shipping the rice and indigo grown on the nearby plantations.
Georgetown has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years. Front Street was redeveloped; bringing in restaurants, galleries, antique, and specialty shops. There’s also a walking tour taking visitors down shaded streets past scores of 

ante-bellum buildings. When the sun of the beach becomes too much, this is a good place to recover.</B></FONT></CENTER><P>

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