Vintage images of Midland Park, New Jersey.

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these seldom seen images...

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Van Riper Mill April 1970.

Van Riper Mill on Goffle Brook.

Goffle Brook Dam.

Van Riper Mill Paterson avenue.

Cornelius Lozier house.

1870's NY&O Railroad Stereoscope's.

Wortendyke Station from Cedar Hill.

Maple Lake Recluse Falls.

Recluse Falls. Wycoff border.

Residence of C.A. Wortendyke.


Vander Meer Family Johnny & Lois Stewart

Vander Meer Residence 43 Rea Avenue.

Helen Mayhew & Daniel.

Francis H. Mayhew Silk Mill.


Birds-Eye View.

Paterson - Cross - Pierce - Godwin - Franklin.

1. Entering Midland Park. Goffle - Godwin - Vreeland.

2. Hotel and Livery Stable. Godwin - Vreeland.

3. The Three Corners. Godwin - Highland - Prospect.

4. Wostbrock Mill. Goffle.

5. Shops. Godwin Ave - Cross St. - Franklin.

6. Midland Park Pharmacy. Godwin Ave - Cross.

7. Sidewalk installation. Godwin Ave.

8. Municipal Building. Godwin - Highland.

9. Columbia Hall. Godwin.

10. McNeill Mutter Drug Store. Franklin - Godwin.

11. Rackett's General Store. Franklin - Godwin.

12. Jacobs Pharmacy. Franklin - Godwin.

13. Wortendyke Dam. Whitte Dr.

14. Granite Linen Mill. Godwin - Whitte.

15. Lake Mills on Baldwin pond. Lake Ave.

16. Henry J. Wostbrock Flannel Mill. Goffle Rd.

17. Residents. Godwin - Chestnut.

18. L. Eisenstein General Furnishings. Godwin Ave.

19. Farrell Residence. Erie - Colonial Dr.

20. Wortendyke Post Office. Central Ave - Godwin.

21. Birds Eye Wiew. Goffle - Godwin - Vreeland.

22. Amoco Service center. Erie - Godwin.

23. Bergen Water Plant. Godwin Ave - Chestnut.

24. New Jersey Bank. Godwin.

25. The Falls. Lake Ave.

26. Bridge & Falls. Lake Ave.

27. Lake View Pond. Lake Ave.

28. Payne's Pond. Godwin - Myrtle.

29. Stone Mill Pond. Paterson - Habben.

30. The Water Falls. Arminda - Paterson.

31. Payne's Duck Pond. Godwin - Myrtle.

32. Wostbrock Pond. Paterson - Habben.

33. Culvert Bridge. Goffle.

34. The water works. Godwin - Chestnut.

35. Deep Brook Ravine Wostbrock Pond. Paterson - Goffle.

35. Deep Brook Ravine Wostbrock Pond. Paterson - Goffle.

37. Christ Episcopal Church. Godwin - Orchard.

38. Holland Reformed Church. Godwin.

39. Granite Linen Company Plant. Whitte Dr.

40. Granite Linen Mills. Whitte Dr.

41. Midland Park Hotel. Godwin. Vreeland.

42. Christian School. Maltbie - Avenue.

43. Public School. Franklin - Godwin.

44. Midland Park Post Office. Godwin - Wyckoff.

45. Wostbrock Mill. Goffle Road.

46. Wostbrock Embroidered Mill. Goffle.

47. The railway Cut. Goffle Crossing.

48. Christian Reformed Church. Godwin.

49. Greetings from Wortendyke.

50. Schoolyard Practice. Franklin - Godwin.

51. Midland Park Baseball Team.

52. Cross Avenue Farm. Parker Pl. - Cross.

53. Parsonage Methodist Church. Godwin.

54. The Maples

55. Municipal Building. Godwin Avenue.

56. Midland Park GMC Fire Truck.


Embroidered Flannel Works. Goffle Road.

Colonial Pines. Godwin - Erie.

Cole Residence. Park Ave..

Cole Residence. Park Ave.

Granite Linen Company. Whitte Drive.

The Hemlocks. Baldwin Drive. Rohrs Residence.

Mayor Schleicher Residence. Whitte - Godwin.

Soodman Residence. Vreeland Ave.

DeBaum Residence. Cedar Hill.

Schofield Residence. Lake Ave.

Steele Residence. Godwin Ave.

Krech Residence. Godwin Ave.

W.M. Telgen Dairy Farm. Dairy Street.

Milk wagon W.M. Telgen Dairy farm.

Master mechanics.

Harvesting feed grain.

Slaughterhouse workers.

Telgen Dairy farmhouse & barn.


Dalmatian outhouse antics.

Telgen Dairy farmhouse.

Railroad Stations.

1957 Midland Park, NJ. Railroad Station.

1900's Midland Park, NJ. Railroad Station.

1900's Wortendyke, Midland Park, NJ. Railroad Station.

1957 Wortendyke, Midland Park, NJ. Railroad Station.

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